Friday, October 12, 2012

Charles munger jr.

  • Munger Siblings Spend $54 Million to Sway California Education Vote

    Siblings Molly Munger and Charles Munger Jr., whose father is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (A), have poured $54.4 million into California ballot measures, stoking a battle with Governor Jerry Brown and powerful labor unions.

  • Effort to defeat Jerry Brown's Prop. 30 gains millions of dollars

    When Charles Munger Jr., the Stanford physicist and GOP activist, poured $22 million into a political campaign account in recent weeks, it was unclear whether the money would be used to boost Proposition 32 or go after Gov.

  • Charlie Munger, Jr. -- Buying Elections with Daddy's Money

    Just as most of the nation's attention turned to the first Presidential debate in Denver last week, the Sacramento Bee reported that Charles Munger, Jr. had ponied up $9.9 million to the Small Business Action Committee PAC, a committee dedicated to ...

  • Beth Gaines receives new boost from Charles Munger Jr. group

    Assemblywoman Beth Gaines once again is getting a campaign boost from a group funded largely by wealthy Stanford physicist Charles T. Munger Jr. Munger's Spirit of Democracy reported spending about $80,000 on Gaines' behalf last week in her 6th ...

  • Charlie Munger's Kids Create Massive Headache For California Governor Jerry ...

    According to Reuters, Molly Munger has spent almost $30 million on a proposition to raise taxes to fund public schools, and her brother, Charles Munger Jr. has put $5 million behind measures including campaign finance reform to limit the power of the ...

  • Prop 32′s Anti-Gay Warriors

    OUT OF THE FRYING PAN - Brothers David and Charles Koch, and other libertarian billionaire backers of Proposition 32, including Charles Munger Jr., like to wrap themselves in the toga of individual freedom. However, despite their supposed ideological ...

  • 2012 ELECTIONS: Munger-backed Super-PAC dumps more cash in CD-8

    Spirit of Democracy America, a Super-PAC partly bankrolled by wealthy Republican activist Charles Munger Jr., pumped almost $66,000 more into the race for California's 8th Congressional District, new campaign finance data shows.

  • Charles Munger contributions for, against initiatives reach $23 million

    Charles Munger Jr. has now given a nearly $23 million to an independent committee fighting for a measure that would curtail union political fundraising abilities while opposing Gov.

  • Prop. 32 debate pits GOP strategist vs. journalist; campaigns weigh in

    (Worth noting: Charles Munger Jr. has contributed to tens of millions of dollars to efforts aimed at defeat Proposition 30 and passing Proposition 32.

  • Brown's tax initiative hit from both sides

    Her brother, Stanford physicist Charles Munger Jr., is a conservative who has poured more than $20 million of his fortune into a committee aimed at defeating Brown's ballot initiative and supporting a separate initiative targeting public employee unions.

  • Charles Munger doubles down to defeat Prop. 30, support Prop. 32

    Charles Munger Jr. has given another $9.9 million to a committee with a dual mission: defeat Gov. Jerry Brown's tax measure, Proposition 30, and support a measure that is anathema to unions, Proposition 32.

  • Charles Munger gives $10 million for Prop. 32, against Prop. 30

    Republican activist Charles Munger Jr. has given more than $10 million to an independent committee supporting Proposition 32's campaign finance provisions and opposing Proposition 30's tax increase, according to a new state filing.

  • Ad Watch: Munger ad attacking Ken Cooley on taxes somewhat misleading

    Spirit of Democracy, a group funded largely by Charles T. Munger Jr., spent about $270,000 on the TV ad, records show.

  • Insight: In California, the Mungers haunt Jerry Brown

    Yet Molly Munger and Charles Munger Jr., children of Warren Buffett's business partner, Charles Munger, Sr., have together become Brown's worst nightmare as the November election approaches.

  • MUNGER MONEY: San Bernardino County GOP gets $24000 from Sr.

    It's not just Charles Munger Jr. and his sister Molly Munger who've been writing big political checks these days. Charles Munger, their father, gave $24,000 to the San Bernardino County Repubican Party, according to the party's latest report.

  • INSIGHT-In California, the Mungers haunt Jerry Brown

    Call it the Munger problem. They're scions of a billionaire financier, one a liberal lawyer in Los Angeles and the other a conservative scientist in the Bay Area.

  • Mungers contribute big bucks to measures

    Civil rights lawyer Molly Munger is an outgoing independent who usually votes Democratic. Her quiet, bow-tie-wearing half brother, Stanford physicist Charles T. Munger Jr., is more out of the Libertarian mold. Both are the children of Charles Munger ...

  • Bosetti can't turn down a donation he didn't get

    Perhaps today's editorial about an independent-expenditure account being lavishly topped up with Charles Munger Jr.'s money was unclear, or perhaps the system is gimmicky and hard to get a handle on, but at least some commenters on today's piece are ...

  • Proposition 30 campaign takes aim at Molly and Charles Munger

    "In the end, the Munger family could be known as the millionaires who destroyed California's schools and university." Munger has invested $31 million of her own money for the Yes on 38 campaign.

  • Charlie Munger really likes Jim Nielsen

    Charlie Munger Jr., the Stanford physicist and son of the Berkshire Hathaway partner who's spent millions of his personal fortune on California politics in recent years -- including fine causes like the open primary -- is, through his "Spirit of ...

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