Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrity divorce

  • Tom Cruise leaving Scientology for Katie Holmes?

    If Tom Cruise leaving Scientology was what it took for Katie Holmes to stay with him, perhaps he should have done that before going through with the divorce. At the same time, his beliefs were only part of the problem and according to sources, Katie ...

  • Celebrity Sex: 5 Divorced Stars With Alleged Sex Addictions

    The "sex addiction" diagnosis has long been a controversial one, with skeptics claiming that it's nothing more than an excuse used by libidinous people to justify their infidelity.

  • Celebrity Couples: Divorced Stars Who Dated Younger Men Post-Split

    People move on after divorce in a variety of ways -- talking to a therapist, taking up a new hobby, or planning a tropical getaway are just some of the popular options.

  • Celebrity Divorce: 5 Celebrity Couples Who Met On Set, Then Later Split

    But what happens after the final credits roll? Click through the slides below to see five celebrity couples whose relationships heated up on set but later fizzled, proving that work may not be the best place to start a relationship that stands the test ...

  • Russell Crowe Getting Divorced

    Russell is keeping himself busy post-split filming the biblical blockbuster 'Noah' in America., while Danielle is remaining in Sydney with their sons.

  • Celebrity Divorce: 5 Celebs Whose Splits Were Anything But 'Amicable'

    Look at almost any celebrity divorce announcement and you'll likely find a line about how "amicable" the split is and how the couple intends to "remain friends.

  • Celebrity Divorce: Lessons Stars Learned Post-Split

    It's hard to find the silver lining in divorce, but in the end, there's usually some hard-earned lesson you can take away from it.

  • Celebrity Divorce: Stars Who Cheated With 'Regular' People

    ... Celebrity Affairs, Celebrity Cheaters, Celebrity Divorce, Donald Trump Affair, Kelsey Grammer Affair, Divorce News.

  • Teresa Giudice husband cheats in AC, divorce coming?

    Teresa Giudice and her husband might be headed for a divorce... that is, of course, if she believes the latest story about Joe cheating on her while they were in Atlantic City.

  • Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman divorcing: Is there still hope for their marriage?

    The reason Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are divorcing after 30 years of marriage can't be nearly as important as what the two actors shared together during those 30 years together, when they started and raised a family.

  • Rhea Perlman, Danny DeVito Divorce And 10 Other Celebrity Splits That Broke ...

    Below, 10 celebrity divorces our Twitter followers say took them by surprise. From Heidi and Seal to Jen and Brad, click through to see their picks, then 'fess up to which Hollywood divorce you took the hardest in the comments.

  • Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman to divorce: Most shocking celebrity breakup?

    SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: See the most shocking celebrity breakups. Though no official reason has been given for the separation, Radar Online is reporting that they've been unhappy together for "over 10 years" and that Perlman is divorcing DeVito because ...

  • Celebrity Sex Tapes: 5 Stars Whose Racy Videos Leaked Post-Split

    But no matter how many pictures you've posed for or red carpets you've walked on, no one is prepared for the kind of attention that follows the very public circulation of a very private sex tape.

  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Celebrity Divorce in Financial Favor of Cruise

    The FINANCIAL -- In most instances—even in celebrity divorces—the proceedings work out in favor of the mother of the children caught in the middle.

  • Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada divorce final

    Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada's divorce was expected but no one really thought it was going to be official this soon. Given the fact that most celebrity divorces take 6 months or more to finalize, Chad and Ev's dissolution was quite speedy. Of course ...

  • Nicole Kidman's Divorce Depression And 4 Other Celebs Who Struggled Post-Split

    In spite of all their fame and fortune, celebrities struggle in the wake of a break up just like the rest of us do. But for some stars, the aftermath of a difficult divorce is compounded by feelings o... In spite of all their fame and fortune ...

  • Kim Kardashian denies comparing divorce woes to cancer patient's struggles

    Related topics. Kim Kardashian health fitness · Celebrities with Cancer. Advertisement. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian vehemently denies that she compared her recent divorce drama to the challenges a young cancer patient is enduring to keep herself alive.

  • Lisa Whelchel's secret divorce after two decades

    Examiner Celebrity · celebrity news · Lisa Whelchel · survivor. Advertisement ... Lisa Whelchel's divorce was understandably painful for her, and she chose to reveal details to People several days after the news of her secret divorce first broke. She ...

  • Leaked divorce paperwork outlines Suri Cruise's $4.8 million support settlement

    Media did the math on the child support payments, and while it doesn't include the expense that Tom Cruise will accrue for traveling to see his child - it does give a detailed account of the expenses submitted to the court during the divorce. The ...

  • Holmes, Cruise divorce details leak

    celebrity news · Tom Cruise · Kate Holmes · Suri Cruise. Advertisement. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce details have leaked. The court documents were found by the National Enquirer and their contents were (naturally) shared with the world.

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