Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Biden ryan debate

  • Biden-Ryan debate highlights nation's Catholic political divide

    That divide will be in sharp focus Thursday when the two vice presidential candidates, Democratic incumbent Joe Biden and his challenger, Rep. Paul D. Ryan, meet in Danville, Ky., for their only debate of the fall campaign. When they step onto the ...

  • Political Wisdom: Wooing Ohio, Biden-Ryan Debate

    Political Wisdom: Wooing Ohio, Biden-Ryan Debate. Article · Comments (5) · Washington Wire HOME PAGE ».

  • Big stakes for Biden and Ryan in VP debate

    Rarely has a vice presidential debate been as crucial as the one between Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday night will be. After Mitt Romney's lopsided victory over President Obama in Denver last week, the exchange will arrive at a ...

  • Biden, Ryan prep for debate showdown

    paul ryan is in florida for more debate prep reviewing the tape of biden 's 2008 debate with sarah palin .

  • Biden and Ryan Debate, Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Washington, D.C. - infoZine - This week marks ten years since Congress passed the "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq.

  • VP Debate Prep: The Ryan Budget vs. The Obama Budget

    Get ready for the Ryan/Biden showdown Thursday night by reviewing this new Policy Brief by Peter Ferrara, senior fellow for entitlement and budget policy at The Heartland Institute.

  • Vice Presidenital Debate: Biden, Paul Ryan Brace as Polls Tighten

    The pressure to "reset" the presidential race is on President Obama's team this time around. With a variety of new polls showing Mitt Romney's riding the wave of his post-debate surge to a near deadlock among likely voters, the Obama campaign is ...

  • Biden Should Rip Ryan on Neglect of Hometown Workers

    Joe Biden, as he prepares to debate Ryan in Thursday night's vice presidential debate, should take note. Because what Ryan is saying about that "commitment" stands in stark contrast with a record of bad votes, neglect of fundamental issues and ...

  • Ryan: Biden is going to come 'flying' in debate

    Ryan has been getting ready for the debate with the help of Ted Olson, a former solicitor general for President George W. Bush.

  • Joe Biden on front foot for debate with Paul Ryan as onus falls to VP

    The stakes are high: in the wake of Barack Obama's own debate appearance last week the president's poll ratings have taken a nose-dive and the Romney-Ryan ticket has been reinvigorated. It falls now to Biden, a politician who, as vice-president, has ...

  • Biden Likely to Play "Hardball" in VP Debate

    Four years ago, Joe Biden was careful not to appear overly aggressive in his vice presidential debate with Sarah Palin, then a newcomer to the national stage.

  • The truth about the Ryan-Biden debate

    Beyond the challenges he has in public speaking, Biden is not in Ryan's league when it comes to understanding issues and grasping the problems America faces.

  • Romney lowers expectations for Ryan-Biden debate

    In his first congressional debate, the then-28-year-old Ryan defended his young career in Washington as a congressional aide and staffer for a think thank led by Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett.

  • VP debates often more memorable

    2000 -- As George W. Bush run against Gore for the presidency, Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman met in an Oct. 5 debate notable in part for its small town setting: Centre College in Danville, Ky.

  • Biden to stump in Ryan's backyard after debate

    Alternately, a perceived Biden loss to Ryan in the debate could prove an embarrassing choice of location and further the storyline of an Obama campaign reeling after a widely panned performance by President Obama against Mitt Romney in last week's ...

  • Obama vs Romney vs Biden vs Ryan debate: Polls spur fear plus Big Bird hype

    Tuesday, as the worst debate loss in history takes its toll in polls amid the race for the White House, all eyes are shifting to Joe Biden, with Democrats hoping he can trigger a reversal by soundly beating Paul Ryan Thursday night. Recent national ...

  • School debate teams look to learn from Biden-Ryan debate at Centre College

    A window at the Maple Tree Gallery at 225 West Main Street in Danville hyped Thursday's vice presidential debate between incumbent Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Herald-LeaderBuy Photo. Related Stories: Can Danville pull off another successful VP debate?

  • Ryan prepares to take on skilled debater Biden

    Ryan, the 42-year-old Republican vice presidential nominee, has suggested his youth will be an asset in connecting with voters at the sole vice presidential debate Thursday in Kentucky against the 69-year-old former senator. But risks abound for the ...

  • The Biden-Ryan vice presidential debate expectations and more [AM Briefing]

    Politico's Arena asks: Could Joe Biden hit Paul Ryan too hard in the vice presidential debate? Brookings' Darrell West says, "He doesn't have to be very tough on Ryan. He just has to point out how the Romney/Ryan policies will affect women, seniors ...

  • Vice presidential debate: Ryan-Biden debate should be no contest

    Agree with Ryan or not on foreign policy, he is fluent on it even if it hasn't been the focus of his career. The Democratic reaction to Obama's debate loss may also point Biden in the wrong direction. Among liberals - and among some Democratic ...

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