Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bani walid battle

  • Bani Walid Battle Flares For 5th Day In Libya Clashes

    WADI DINAR, Libya - Pro-government militias battled fighters in a former stronghold of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi on Sunday, the fifth straight day of clashes that have killed at least 30 people.

  • Cease-fire imposed as rival Libyan forces square off outside Bani Walid

    CAIRO -- As Libya on Saturday marks one year since the capture and death of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi, a battle is brewing in and near the city of Bani Walid, where the Libyan army and militia from the city of Misrata are preparing to attack ...

  • Libya battle: Gaddafi ex-stronghold Bani Walid shelled

    At least five Libyans have died and dozens have been wounded in fighting around Bani Walid - a former stronghold of slain leader Muammar Gaddafi.

  • Youngest son of Colonel Gaddafi dead after Bani Walid siege – Libya deputy PM

    Violence has been ongoing in Bani Walid for over a fortnight, with Mohammed Megaryef, Libya's de facto head of state, saying that the fight for control is not over yet. "The campaign to liberate the country has not been fully completed," Megaryef, the ...

  • Confusion rife as Libyan army storms town of Bani Walid

    There are no reliable casualty figures from inside Bani Walid itself. "We started to enter Bani Walid, we are not far away from the centre," said army spokesman Mohammed al-Gandus.

  • Khamis Gaddafi Reportedly Killed By Libyan Army During Bani Walid Siege

    Khamis Gaddafi has reportedly been killed during fighting in the Libyan town of Bani Walid a year to the day that rebel forces killed his father and former dictator of Libya, Muammar.

  • Libyan forces preparing for advance on pro-Gadhafi town to arrest suspects in ...

    TRIPOLI, Libya - Libyan militias operating alongside the defense ministry readied their forces Tuesday to advance on a town that remains a bastion of support for the ousted regime of Moammar Gadhafi, stoking fears of an impending battle that has ...

  • Former Gadhafi spokesman denies capture

    There were no images of his capture or death, and he was already reported to have been killed in August last year in a battle with rebel forces between Tarhouna and Bani Walid. Moammar Gadhafi was killed a year ago after he was shot in the head while ...

  • The Crises over Bani Walid Exposes Libya's Lack of Leadership

    The looming battle of Bani Walid seem to have been averted due to tribal mediation efforts from other social leaders particularly from eastern Libya.

  • Recording denies ex-Gadhafi spokesman arrest

    The anniversary of Gadhafi's death comes as a battle over Bani Walid underscores the challenges facing the country, which is awash with weapons and militias that remain largely out of control of the weak central government.

  • Libya: Khamis Gaddafi 'killed during fighting' in Beni Walid

    Khamis Gaddafi has been killed during fighting in the town of Bani Walid, a year to the day that rebel forces killed his father, Muammar Gaddafi.

  • Gaddafi?s Son Reportedly Killed

    Gaddafi's Son Reportedly Killed. Exactly one year after his father was killed, 28-year-old Khamis Gaddafi is reportedly dead after a battle in Bani Walid, a remaining pro-regime stronghold. Reports vary as to whether Gaddafi's youngest son was captured ...

  • Army set to attack Gaddafi stronghold

    AS LIBYA marked one year yesterday since the capture and death of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, a battle was brewing in and near the city of Bani Walid, where the Libyan army and militia from the city of Misrata were preparing to attack one of the last ...

  • Eleven killed as Libyan militia shell Gaddafi stronghold

    Libya's President of the General National Congress, Mohammed Magarief, is on the way to Bani Walid to persuade its tribal and military leaders to allow a peaceful army takeover, AFP reported.

  • AP News in Brief at 11:58 pm EDT

    Tensions have spiked as rival forces battle over the city of Bani Walid. Bani Walid, some 140 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Tripoli, was the last major city in Libya to fall to the uprising, thanks in part to its protected location in a valley ...

  • Deadly clashes rock Libya's Bani Walid

    The death of Shaaban stoked tensions between Misrata and Bani Walid, neighbouring but historically rival cities which found themselves on opposite sides of the 2011 conflict that ousted Kadhafi.

  • A year after Gaddafi's death, rebel hero is abandoning hope for peace in Libya

    In a remarkable account for the Observer of the ferocious battle for the dictator's Bab al-Aziziya palace in Tripoli, al-Gubbi recorded the horror of seeing comrades slain, the triumph of liberating his country from 40 years of brutal dictatorship and ...

  • 26 killed, scores injured in clashes in ex-Gaddafi bastion

    On Saturday, a battle broke out between pro-government forces and fighters loyal to the Gaddafi family in Bani Walid, which has been under siege for more than two weeks. The fighting began when pro-government forces pushed into central Bani Walid to ...

  • Gadhafi's youngest son reported killed amid Libya clashes

    There were conflicting reports about whether Khamis Gadhafi was captured alive but gravely wounded after a gunbattle in Bani Walid, a pro-Gadhafi stronghold where fighting has raged for three days. And Khamis Gadhafi has been reported killed several ...

  • Loyalist Mussa Ibrahim captured at Gaddafi bastion Bani Walid

    There was no immediate report of casualties from Bani Walid itself where some of the bloodiest battles of 2011 were fought in its outskirts.

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