Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby animals

  • Getting Mauled By A Baby Tiger Is The Cutest Way To Die

    I'm not an animal expert, so I'll defer to the folks about Big Cat Rescue about how abusive these practices are to the animals, especially a basically-newborn baby tiger. And I certainly don't think it's ethical to breed animals in captivity to make ...

  • Cuddle time! What it's like to snuggle with a baby walrus

    Shawna Gallagher of the Indianapolis Zoo spends time with Pakak, one of the two orphaned walruses that was cared for by the Alaska SeaLife Center in recent months.

  • Baby Pudu Fawn, Hamil Girl, Born At Detroit Zoo (PHOTO)

    For generations elephants have been a part of the Thai culture, although today the Thai elephant mostly is domesticated animal, since Thailand now has few working elephants. Many are used in the tourism sector at special elephant parks or zoos, where ...

  • Animals of the Zoo: Giant anteater (with video)

    Giant anteaters have a strong maternal bond, and the mother sometimes carries its baby on her back, until the youngster reaches an age of 9 months.

  • 5 Mama Animals Adopt Babies of Different Species

    Non-human animals aren't usually credited with emotions like generosity or empathy, but those are the simplest explanations for the decisions of cats, pigs, tigers, and many others to adopt babies who not only were not theirs genetically, but were a ...

  • Baby animal pictures may boost focus at work

    A new study out of Japan finds that staring at adorable baby animals may actually boost concentration and the ability to complete assigned tasks compared with other popular images one may see while surfing the web.

  • Check It Out: Baby animal book may boost productivity

    Researchers at Japan's Hiroshima University conducted a study in which students were shown pictures of baby animals, then asked to complete a task.

  • Farmer has big job raising mini animals

    Vitella Brown, owner of Flower Bed Farm & Minis, a nearly 5-acre farm on Bedford Road, hugs a baby goat, one of 80 farm animals and fowl, and a small herd of mini horses that rarely exceed 36 inches tall. Enlarge,. img. Loretta Jackson photo. Merrimack ...

  • Endangered Baby Tapir Born in Israeli Safari (VIDEO)

    A male Tapir, the endangered mammal native to South America and Southeast Asia, has been born in the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel. Born on Saturday, the Tapir drew significant attention from visitors at the safari and comes just 12 months after the ...

  • Abandoned baby squirrels being rescued in Texas

    Do not feed them, Schmalz says, because if a baby gets formula in its lungs, it's devilish to cure the pneumonia. Don't even think about making one a pet; it's illegal.

  • Baby Animal Photos May Boost Work Focus

    NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) - Looking at images of cute baby animals may not be as distracting from your work as employers may think.

  • Warmth crucial in rescuing baby animals

    Just like all babies, our wild neighbors need to be kept warm. So often when someone brings an orphaned or injured creature to me, they are gently and kindly wrapped in something, but that only allows for body heat; if the little body has no heat ...

  • NOVA Science Show Considers What Makes Us Human

    "We seem to be the only animals who laugh," Pogue says. "So we spent a day at the Cincinnati Zoo, and had me tickle baby animals. You know, there could be worse jobs." Having little success with making the animals giggle though, the show then began to ...

  • Kawaii Cats/Puppies/Piglets Online – They Help You Concentrate

    We all know that cute things make us happy, but we know little about how they influence our behavior. In a recent paper published in PLoS ONE, we demonstrated that people's attention becomes more focused after viewing cute photo images of baby animals.

  • Looking at Cute Kittens Improves Focus

    Amazingly, the students who looked at the baby animal photos showed a significant improvement both in how many times they completed the task, and in how accurate they were (see chart at left)!

  • Baby panda autopsy: Liver and lung damage found in cub

    WASHINGTON -- Washington, D.C.'s, baby giant panda died of lung and liver damage, the National Zoo said Thursday, citing the high mortality rate for cubs.

  • Family comes to rescue of animals needing respite

    Getting a bottle-fed orphaned baby deer back on its feet is much easier, according to Linda Musgrave, of Chesterton. Her family's homestead is an animal refuge for creatures from around the region requiring respite. Along with husband, Jody, and their ...

  • Oct. 5 Photo Brief: Blessed pets, bloody art, baby animals and brave ...

    Oct. 5 Photo Brief: Blessed pets, bloody art, baby animals and brave Indonesian troops. Nick Tann 0 Comment Daily Brief Afghanistan, America's Cup, Andy Warhol, art, Big Bird, Brazil, China, France, ghosts, giraffe, Halloween, Indonesia, Innocence of ...

  • Want To Be More Focused? Look At Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals

    Looking at pictures of cute baby animals is something of an obsession for those who spend long periods of time on the internet.

  • Looking at photos of baby animals improves productivity, study finds

    A newly-released study shows that that looking at photos of very young animals might actually boost a person's concentration and productivity at work.

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