Sunday, March 4, 2012

Unpopular Dog Names

  • The election for Hong Kong chief executive, the rather po-faced name the business-minded city gives to its If it foists the now very unpopular Mr Tang on Hong Kong, the territory's citizens could rebel.
  • (Financial Times)
  • crazy enough to be a sure GOTV with crony capitalism and Wall Street so unpopular. What an epic fail for Romney. Secret Service for Man on Dog. I guess Seamus has his revenge after all. A tag is a way to search for this diary.
  • The message will include the name and email address you gave us when you signed up James Mason classic A Star is Born. Silent movies became unpopular because filmgoers like to hear and see people talk.
  • (Kent News)
  • Muse on the idea that you are now called Prime Minister (insert own name here.) Unless your last name is Capper Live with that.
  • (Gold Coast News)
  • Some of the actors use their real names in the film, adding some authenticity He and his friends suffer from the one thing worse than being unpopular in high school. They are invisible. Costa sets out to change that with an epic party.
  • (Marietta Daily Journal)
  • Because of budget cuts, the BLM is thinking of using the unpopular tactic of euthanasia walking among us today would agree with all of the things done in his name.
  • (Daily Camera)
  • The Afghan situation remains mostly stable; Karzais government isnt strong enough to rule the country on its own, but nobody else there is any better, and its not SO unpopular as to relevance of the Blue Dogs.

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